Common case study pitfalls to avoid

As a tradesman, when you’ve worked closely on a job you can get blinkered by details that shouldn’t make it into a case study. You could focus on the small elements of the job and forget to present the bigger picture.

Here are some other common pitfalls when creating case studies and how to avoid them.


Make sure you include facts – the right facts. A customer will pick up on any inaccuracies, which won’t encourage them to share the case study with their friends and family. If possible, ask a colleague or friend to check the case study over before you post it, to avoid any typos.

Lack of feeling

Tradesmen case studies will ideally include a lot of pictures, but you need to include some text as well. This text needs to communicate your business, personality and enthusiasm for the job. If you stick to communicating only the facts, a reader might not think you engaged with the job.

Try to use descriptive language that suggests you are proud of your work. Tell the story of how the job evolved over time.

You forgot the benefit

All case studies need to mention how happy the customer was, or what they got out of the job. Describe the work done, but also how the customer benefitted. This will make the case study much more meaningful and likely to convince a potential customer that they want the same benefit.

Don’t involve too many cooks

Get colleagues or co-workers to contribute, but make sure your case studies don’t become a jigsaw of opinions. Keep the voice consistent throughout. It needs to flow and be easy to read, otherwise people won’t read to the end.

Too many buzzwords

If you cram buzzwords and keywords for SEO into text, it can become hard to read. Also, if you use too many formal marketing messages, a customer won’t believe it is a real case study. Focus on readability, then assess the case study for SEO.

Sticking to a template too hard

A template for a case study is a great idea, but if you stick to it too rigidly, they will all start to sound the same. Keep case studies original by focusing on a different aspect of a job.

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