The benefits of producing case studies for tradespeople

Although the benefits of producing case studies are fairly obvious, sometimes they are easy to forget when you are pressed for time. Why give up valuable working time to produce case studies when you could be earning on a job?

Case studies are a vital marketing tool for all businesses, large or small – tradesmen in particular, where results of a job can be so obviously shared. Distributed correctly, they will form the basis of all your marketing and could be the make or break factor in why a customer chooses you.

Why should I produce a case study?

  • In short, case studies are great quality, free content to distribute on your social media – without case studies it will be hard for a customer to trust that you can do the job
  • Case studies improve the quality of your website, which will generate more leads
  • Posting regular, good quality case studies on your website will improve its SEO score, which makes it much more likely to appear in search results when potential customers are carrying out research
  • They will improve the quality of your profiles on review platforms, which will again generate more leads
  • Clients are more likely to refer you when they have a case study to share – word of mouth referrals are proven to generate the most effective leads
  • Happy clients can post their case study and talk about you on their own social media
  • Having quality case studies to hand provides a great point of sale tool when you are out visiting a potential customer to give a quote
  • You can attach a relevant case study to a quote as a reference, which will improve conversion rates significantly
  • Clarity is everything; having a case study to hand that showcases in detail the nature of your work will help you to avoid giving inappropriate quotes
  • Saving case studies in the Bafter app will save you valuable time that you might otherwise waste, digging out photos of your work.

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