Using your case studies to get customers to refer you

A customer referral is worth its weight in gold. Perhaps that’s not entirely true, but it is certainly worth a huge amount in terms of leads for new jobs, particularly if customers share case studies.

Today, a customer referral isn’t just a happy customer telling their friends about you in person. It includes a post from them on their social media platforms. Research from Bafter found that each time a happy client posted on social media, this generated on average 1.7 new leads.

So how do you get customers to refer your services and flag up you digital portfolio to their friends and family and the wider world? Here are a few ideas.

Have a conversation

The first thing to do – perhaps this is obvious –  is ask them to. If you don’t ask, it might not occur to them to recommend your services. Even if they don’t know anyone to refer you to straightaway, asking that question will plant a seed in their mind that might start to grow if home improvement comes up in conversation.

Bring up referrals when the job is not quite finished

It might not sound logical, but some marketeers swear by asking for a referral before the job is even finished. Perhaps when it is looking great and just needing some finishing touches. That way the work is even fresher in their minds. They will still be excited about the job because they are still waiting to see the finished product.

Give a small referral bonus

Wouldn’t it be great if your customers shared your case studies on their own social media? Give them a nudge to do so by offering a referral bonus. Using Bafter, you can offer your customers a Costa coffee voucher in return for a social media post.

Follow up once the job has finished

Check that the customer is still happy and that no snagging needs to be done. This isn’t the best time to ask for a referral as the excitement will have died down, but will cement your position in their minds as someone who gives excellent customer service. Showing you care, even when the money is in the bank, goes a long way.  

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Or start producing your own case studies today. Click here to find out more about the Bafter platform.