What to include in a case study

Case studies are a vital marketing tool. Potential customers have always wanted to see evidence of good work before they appoint someone to do a job, but the internet has made this even more important. It is now so easy to create and send out a case study, with both pictures and text, that consumers would find it strange for a digital portfolio not to be available.

So, pictures are vital but the right words, even a few, are useful to fill in the detail. Here are some thoughts on how to make a case study that will win over those potential customers.

Pick the right customer or job

In the real world, not all jobs go well. Some just go OK, others might come with problems. Hopefully, you have enough success stories to have a good range to talk about in your digital portfolio.

Think about who you’re going to target with this case study. There’s not much point writing detail about a case study located 50 miles out of your target market area, unless you’re willing to travel there again. You can leave this detail out of course, but if possible focus on the case studies that are great examples of the work you’d really like to do and the people you’d like to work for.

Tell a bit about the case study subject

Who was the customer featured in the case study? No names of course, but what type of house do they have? Where are they? What did they ask you to do? If the job went particularly well, it’s worth asking the customer for a little quote about your work.

Include real numbers

This isn’t always possible, but facts and figures really help to make a case study seem more believable. Talk about the customer’s budget, their time frame. If that’s a real no go, talk about the size of the room – if you’re decorating or fitting a bathroom or kitchen in particular.

Detail your strategy

This is getting into ‘nice to have’ rather than ‘need to have’ territory, but perhaps you could say a sentence or two about how you approached the job. How did you make sure you had all the right equipment specific to that job? How did you plan your time to make sure you didn’t run over? How did you plan to work around bad weather, for example?

Anything you can add here adds to credibility.

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