Where to distribute your case studies

As a small business, you might feel that your options for sharing case studies are limited. You don’t have a large marketing budget or a fancy website, or even a long list of customers’ email addresses to send marketing messages to.

However, the good news is that the best places to distribute case studies are free or at least cost very little. Here are a few ideas where you can share a small business case study.

Social media

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter – all these social media platforms offer great, free ways to share your digital portfolio. Once you have created your case study on the Bafter app, you are only a click away from sharing it on your social media pages.

Don’t just stick to sharing your case study on your own pages, though. Find local groups or groups your customers follow and see if you can share case studies there. The more people who see it, the more likely you are to get a new lead.

Your own website

Ideally, all small businesses and sole traders will have a website. This doesn’t have to be fancy but can act as a shop window – a place for customers to find you that shows you really exist. Most basic websites have an option to link to a social media feed where you post case studies, even if they don’t have a place to hold case studies themselves.

Lead generation platforms

Websites such as MyBuilder or CheckATrade are a good place to share your case studies with people looking for a tradesman. They add credibility in a world that is increasingly full of fake reviews.

In person with prospective clients

In the Bafter app you can save your case studies in folders and order them in a useful way. So when you are talking to a prospective client, make sure you have a relevant case study to show them. 

can find out everything you need to know about case studies here.

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